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andysandimasandysandimas: @LaurenWK the most beautiful dead child ever...I used to try to rock the carol Anne, but you nailed it
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I’ve been pretty busy lately, and I’m about to get waaaay busier :)

First of all, everyone has been mistaking my birthday for other people’s lately! It’s fucking hilarious! I HATE MY BIRTHDAY AND IT’S NOT UNTIL OCTOBER. It’s happened on two completely seperate occasions now, and it cracks me up every single time. WTF?! Oh well, I have to admit…I did like the small amount of attention and faux birthday wishes I got from people. Thanks giiiiezzz :)

I went to see The Expendables…which I really wasn’t expecting to like at all, but oh my fucking god, I LOVED IT! It was the ultimate throwback cheesy action flick…I was laughing at it and playing MST3K with it the whole time. Sly was so botoxed his face didn’t budge a millimeter during the whole film, but I still think he rules obviously. Arnold was unbelievably wrinkly…I always had a weird crush on him during his macho phase (the 70′s-90′s), and now he looks like a grandpa :( Oh well! Anyway, there was one surprise hottie in this movie…DOLPH FUCKING LUNDGREN! I don’t know why, but I want to do him so bad!

I mean…I’m not even into blonde dudes at all, but there is something odd about him that I really like…I even think he aged really well too. Hahaha…okay, I’ll stop now…

Other than having weird crushes on washed up action stars and having very merry unbirthdays, I’ve also been somewhat of a little worker bee. My editor has been working super hard on my scenes/picture sets…here is a preview of what you’ll be seeing when you subscribe to my site…

…you liiiiiike??? :)

I also spent a little time trying on latex (one of my new fetishes) with my friend, Alejandra (my photographer friend mentioned in the blog below). I just loooove the way latex looks, feels, smells…all of it. I just wish it wasn’t so god damn fragile :P Expect to see some super stimulated latex/vinyl stuff going on my site.

I also stopped by Playboy Radio last week to co-host w/my good friend, Nicki Hunter. It seems like they want me around there a little more lately, and I am stoked about it. I love sharing my opinions with the world…even if people don’t agree with me haha.

I did a couple DVD scenes last week…for Girlfriends Films, KissMeGirl and Brazzers. Check out these cute pics Brando took of me!

On friday, I had an autograph signing at the Girls & Corpses Magazine summer event @ Meltdown Comics! It was crazy as fuck! I had my other Hustler homegirl Scarlett Fay signing with me…I love her! She has the same crush on young Eddie Furlong that I do haha…plus, she’s really smart and super funny…major points in a broad, if you ask me. Anyway, we had a blast signing dvd covers of This Ain’t Glee XXX and meeting random horror/cult movie celebs. We also took a TON of fun pictures (…

…and here’s the video of the shindig

Girls & Corpses loved me soooo much that they booked me for their next magazine cover! I also had a photoshoot w/Gia Jordan for FOXXX Magazine this weekend…they must love me, I’ve scored 3 covers and their best new starlet award in the past year…I think this next shoot may lead to my next cover for them. I’m really stoked to see how it turns out, it was a really bratty/princessy/valley of the dolls kind of shoot…my favorite stuff right there haha :)

Did you hear the awesome new news? Angel Vain will be joining us! Our network is going to be super fucking hot, I’m so excited!

Last night my friend, Raven came over and cooked us some awesome BBQ and veggies…I then made him, Chad and my boo watch THE ROOM (only the greatest movie ever made). Paul is the only person I have EVER heard say anything positive about Lisa…the fat whore pig skank!

see? EW! he admits it!

Anyway…I’m gonna go bust my ass at the gym. I have a ton of important shoots coming up and I always have to look my best!



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